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STOP HERE and get your FREE eBook; Socially Smart Marketing for Real Estate Agents

STOP HERE and get your FREE eBook; Socially Smart Marketing for Real Estate Agents

GhostbloggerMarie provides blog content written with insider savvy –

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Did they buy real estate or a database?

I’m going totally off topic here, because my topic is and always has been real estate.  Marketing it, selling it, buying it, being in the business of…. But, in a way, this is about real estate.  Internet real estate; virtual real estate I guess you could say. I’m wondering about the continued viability of LinkedIn […]

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3 Steps to MORE Landing Page Conversions

Since over 90% of consumers that have any interest in engaging in the buying or selling of real estate begin alone on the internet, prospecting successfully for these consumers has become a highly prized art form. They turn to the internet; searching, researching and gathering data to make their decisions without ever speaking to a […]

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Psst…How to put Social Marketing Secrets to work in your MLS Description

Think about the first or maybe the second thing an agent hands to a client when they are showing a home?  That MLS sheet.  A nice picture of the house they are standing in front of, a few boxes ticked off about what rooms the home has, what year it was built…the usual. What’s usually […]

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