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One hour to a more productive Real Estate work week

Being busy with the actual tasks that bring in a paycheck are naturally the main focus of any good entrepreneur.  Make no mistake, if you are a real estate agent, you are a small business owner.  You do not work for your brokerage, though it can certainly feel that way sometimes! The fact to keep in […]

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New Agents; Get a Competitive Edge to WIN LISTINGS

A large percentage of people hire the first real estate agent they come in contact with, but you definitely shouldn’t count on that to jump start your real estate career! If you are a fairly new agent you will go up against some competition for Listings and you can expect that competition to be stiff!  […]

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Gotta Follow Up; Gotta Be Different to Make an Impression

Is too much of a good thing a good thing? Yesterday I got 4 emails from Realtor friends – and sadly, they were all exactly the same.  Even had the same headline.  They were obviously “writing mill” material which held little interest for me, since I was sure no real data relevant to my local […]

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