3 Steps to your best Real Estate Elevator Pitch

elevator pitches done will work hard for you

2-3 minutes is all you have to DAZZLE at the network event – GO!

Have you ever wished you had a stunningly memorable answer to that network event question “What do you do?”

What you’re looking for is referred to as an Elevator Pitch; that 3-5 sentences that goes so far beyond “I’m in real estate” – *yawn* – that it could actually result in success at a network event like you’ve never seen before.

The best elevator pitch will be a compelling summary that encompasses not “what you do” but why they desperately need you to do it for them!


Quit boring people; stimulate instant agreement in the form of positive head nodding while you deliver what amounts to a sales pitch.  That head bob puts them on your side before you even tell them anything about what you do!

An opening question everyone will automatically agree to without needing to verbally answer the question does the work for you.

 “Have you ever found yourself wishing…. (we all find ourselves wishing things all the time)

End with something you are comfortable saying that leads to your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

…someone would treat your buying or selling experience as if they were the client being served?”


Good conversation demands NO questions answerable with nothing more than yes or no; or any other one word, dead end answer, ever be asked.

I call them “Brick wall answers”.  They are dead end sentences with no where to go.

“I’m a real estate agent” is a brick wall that offers no toe holds for climbing over and continuing on the journey to discovery of a new business contact or friendship.

To that ever asked “what do you do” you need a WHY response, not a WHAT response!

– or a similar statement that best reflects your personality!


Never forget that you are salesperson.  You aren’t ‘selling real estate’ since, unless you actually have your own real estate to sell, you are actually always selling your services as a real estate agent.   You are an entrepreneur and as such must not be afraid to ask for business.

“Whenever you or someone you know is seeking the highest level of procurement services, here’s my contact information.  And please never hesitate to seek me out when you or someone you know needs advice.”

In a networking situation the best ending will be offering a beautiful beginning to a reciprocal referral partnership.

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