5 Answers to the Social Dilemma

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Eenie Meenie Minie Moe – Socially, which way should I go?

In the discussion of Social Media, and more specifically a debate whether to post everywhere on all the platforms, or concentrate your efforts on two or three possibilities, the answer is a resounding “it depends.”

It depends on what your end game desired outcome is.

  • Connecting with friends and family? Facebook, Google+ or email
  • Reaching out to business and personal contacts? Google+, Twitter, WordPress and/or Pinterest
  • Seeking business to business connections? LinkedIn and Google+ are your best options
  •  The age demographic will determine some choices
  •  Lifestyles may indicate a specific course of action

The one question that should be clearly settled is “Should I be active on Social Media?”  When asked about technology, Realtor Leslie Ebersole, Broker at Baird and Warner ventured to predict that  “2014 will be the year that smart agents and brokerages implement a carefully crafted online presence.”  Even if you aren’t currently – start immediately!  Call someone, get some help, but get on Social! Does being active mean you have to pin to every board, tweet every two to three hours, post updates four times a day or become the Ernest Hemingway of blogs?

Take a close look at each Social platform.  Then answer these few simple questions:

  1. What is the demographic that is most active on this platform?
  2. Does this demographic fit the profile of potential customers I market to?
  3. Does this platform fit my marketing personality?
  4. Do I have the time and/or ability to do this platform justice?
  5. What is the likelihood that leads generated can be converted to customers from this platform?

Think of Social Media as “word of mouth” for generating leads.  Will posting tired statistics get people talking?  Will another picture screaming FOR SALE across it get tongues wagging about what a great agent you are?  Don’t advertise you are an agent.  Market your specialized, local services.  For a real estate agent, the continual stream of leads is lifeblood, but personalized follow up must be in place to successfully convert leads.  As real estate motivational speaker Jared James put it in a recent interview “technology does not take the place of you.”  How right that statement is, but technology can be the tool that keeps the lead jar full.  How you engage with the audience you attract is what will make raving fan clients out of those leads.

You can make Social work for you and keep your name on the lips of those talking.  The ROI (return on investment) you’ve been looking for could easily be one click, one tweet, one status update or one blog post away.

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4 thoughts on “5 Answers to the Social Dilemma

  1. dee

    Social media is like the elephant in the room, you want to ignore it but you can’t. I always feel like I’m drowning in it and can barely catch my breath to even stay afloat!

    1. Marie Krebs Post author

      Social Media has been hyped to the point that it can look like an elephant,when in reality, it’s the kitten happy to curl up in your lap – IF you know how to scratch it’s ears and get it purring! :0) Not everyone has the time to sit and scratch those ears, though, and that’s why they hire others to keep that kitty happily purring.


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