Business Building Tip for Real Estate & other Sales Professionals

As a sales professional, have you ever found the “leads groups” of your local area, such as the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups, so stuffed by sales people that you couldn’t find a group to join?

Or what about finding a group where you were the exclusive Real Estate professional, and then discovering that the other members of the group were either NOT following up on leads you passed along to them, or they presented themselves poorly?  Which reflected poorly on YOU, since you were the referral source!

Having found all that to be true back in 2006 when I moved to a new area, I founded an entirely free standing lead generating group of my own.  I called it the Business Owners Resource Group; or The B.O.R.G. for short.

It was made up exclusively of BUSINESS OWNERS of every venue.  I closed the group to business owners only, as they were the most likely to not only be sure to follow up on referral leads, but they had the most at stake in offering the best service; thereby offering some assurance that I wouldn’t look foolish for having referred clients to them.


At our monthly luncheon meetings, along with the great networking among the 15 – 25 participates and the Special Speaker for the month, each member was tasked with providing one “BUSINESS BUILDING TIP” to share.

The B.O.R.G. is no longer active, but BUSINESS BUILDING TIPS lives on:


Have business cards made up with some white space to write on.  At the end of a meeting, instead of simply handing over a business card – STOP – say something like; “here, let me give you my personal line so you can reach me immediately” and then write your cell number (which ISN’T pre-printed on the card already!) before handing the card over.  Or write some other personal detail; this speaks VOLUMES about how seriously you focus on personal attention.

Handwriting a number on a business card for emphasis on personal attention and service

Writing something personal ensures they’ll feel special – AND KEEP THE CARD!

They will feel like they are SPECIAL, which they are; and your card has a much better chance of being paid attention to later.  I forget where I heard the original idea – but thank you for that great business building tip, whoever you are!

If you had to share your best BUSINESS BUILDING TIP what would it be?

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