Did they buy real estate or a database?

I’m going totally off topic here, because my topic is and always has been real estate.  Marketing it, selling it, buying it, being in the business of….

But, in a way, this is about real estate.  Internet real estate; virtual real estate I guess you could say.

I’m wondering about the continued viability of LinkedIn as a platform.  With the Microsoft takeover, will it simply be raided for it’s database and discarded as yesterdays newspaper?

I read this article, did you see it too?  The questions it raised, made me question things.


LinkedIn has launched a number of annoying, email inbox jamming and definitely failed attempts to provoke more active activity from it’s users.

The very fact that it isn’t a social platform dissuades daily use unless you are in the hiring business – precisely because that is what LinkedIn has always been about.

A business platform, designed to put businesses and prospects together.  Great for job searches and great for B2B prospecting, too.

I liked that about LinkedIn; it was all I expected from LinkedIn.  Was there something else that I missed?  I now find myself wondering about that.

When I needed to make a referral, or knew someone looking for a new job; there were all my business contacts to choose from.  Have I taken advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer?

LinkedIn offers a unique platform, but it looks like they failed to embrace that in a meaningful way that pleased stockholders.

Will the Microsoft purchase be a good thing or negatively impact the LinkedIn experience?  Microsoft linkedin



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