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Gotta Follow Up; Gotta Be Different to Make an Impression

Is too much of a good thing a good thing? Yesterday I got 4 emails from Realtor friends – and sadly, they were all exactly the same.  Even had the same headline.  They were obviously “writing mill” material which held little interest for me, since I was sure no real data relevant to my local […]

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Part of the accepted process of purchasing real estate has been protecting a seller’s right to obtain the highest and best offer to sell their property. As a buyer, you are informed when competing offers are submitted, but you don’t know what the other offer contains as far as price and terms. One company thinks […]

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Call me crazy; but this really got me thinking!

Contemplating the excessive glut of input online, I was trying to think of ways to rise above the noise and stand out to my target audience.  Have you spent any time thinking about how to do that?  It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in ( I write content for websites, BTW) the competition […]

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Did they buy real estate or a database?

I’m going totally off topic here, because my topic is and always has been real estate.  Marketing it, selling it, buying it, being in the business of…. But, in a way, this is about real estate.  Internet real estate; virtual real estate I guess you could say. I’m wondering about the continued viability of LinkedIn […]

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On the first day of the holiday season, my realtor gave to me….

(This was originally written for and posted to Redhead Properties by GhostbloggerMarie in 2014) Getting in the spirit of the season, we offer our own version of this classic carol and dedicate it to all Realtors everywhere this Happy Holiday!  Sing along to the tune of “On the First Day of Christmas” On the first […]

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The satisfaction of NOT #mindingmyownbusiness

Sometimes the best thing you can do is stick your neck out and stick your nose into someone else’s business. I do that all the time.  It might be a personality thing, but I do it in real life (not always with the best outcomes, but always with the best of intentions!) and I guess […]

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the secret to succeeding in real estate

 Fresh New Year, fresh new resolutions and time for a good look at our Business Plan to make sure we are still on track. Don’t have a Business Plan?  Then it’s definitely time you get one!  There are plenty of templates available.  Here’s one: There’s three things that usually happen with our New Years Resolutions: […]

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Real Estate’s 11th Commandment

In the Real Estate profession there are generally top ten activities you must be engaged in that allow growth and sustainability. In no particular order the top ten probably look at lot like this: Marketing; because if we aren’t generating leads, we aren’t really in business at all Consistency; in our marketing efforts, our continuing education, the […]

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When the arrow points down, a GREAT Realtor kicks it up another notch!

The NAR figures are out, and the PENDING HOME SALES are down an average of 7.2% over this time last year.  Real Estate professionals are experiencing several reactions.  How are you handling this news?  You could: PANIC and go look for a new job IGNORE the numbers and keep slogging along with your head in […]

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Should Real Estate Agents be Blogging for Business?

Content marketing, more commonly known as “blogging” can sit on the “TO DO” list like a heavy and dreaded burden as you struggle to find time to market your real estate business while you are juggling the many demands involved in generating leads, following up on leads all while keeping your current clients satisfied! Up front […]

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