Call me crazy; but this really got me thinking!

Contemplating the excessive glut of input online, I was trying to think of ways to rise above the noise and stand out to my target audience.  Have you spent any time thinking about how to do that?  It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in ( I write content for websites, BTW) the competition is still fierce.

Part of staying current in my profession involves a lot of reading, and I came across an article in Inc that was fascinating, about Emotional Intelligence.  (Access the link HERE)

As I considered the plight of the interns and the response their actions motivated from the company,  I found myself seeing a picture that may not have been intended by the writer.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes, stick with me and see what you think.

One highlight in particular struck me as especially TRUE:  the importance of getting information from a source greater than you are, rather than one that is the same as you are.

Input that only agrees with you never inspires greater thought or greater action.  While you can claim validation by reason of majority, you still stay where you are, stuck in a crowd that looks and sounds just like you.

Growth requires change!

I found myself musing about how using the majority option will never release me from the crowd mentality and give me, not just a unique voice, which we all have, but one that sets me apart from being just a hum in the collective voice.

How to do that?


I do believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, I also believe that we must be true to who we are.

Just imitating or mimicking what someone else did to succeed is not a guarantee of similar outcomes.   Only they, with their personality, circumstance and experience, can exactly duplicate themselves.  And why would you want to duplicate someone else?

Take the excellent advice they can offer then marry it to your specific personality,  abilities and opportunities.  Be authentic to who you are in order to let yourself take flight in your unique pattern to your particular success story.


It is a good idea to seek advice from many different sources, but ultimately, you must find your own path.  Simply following the crowd because they are a majority so they must be right can result in jumping in before checking there is water in the pool.  It always ends painfully and that’s what happened to the interns.  They foolishly followed the crowd and signed a petition based on the groups collective mentality.  The outcome was they learned a hard lesson the hardest way.

Get advice but be true and authentic to yourself.

Jumping on a band wagon is seldom the best mode of transportation. It can only bring us to the place the crowd is going.

In order to get to our own destination we each must seek our own mode of transportation.


You can be just another choice among many  for buyers and sellers in your local real estate market.

You can also choose to make yourself the specific choice of those discerning real estate consumers who are seeking an uncommon experience.

Here’s one example to put this in perspective.

Listen to the chatter of other agents in your office.  What is the latest common complaint?  Now, instead of joining the chorus, how do you secure the solo spot?

Remember when everyone first began complaining about Zillow and their Zestimates?  There were those who listened and instead of joining in, they decided to check the water in the pool.  They explored this once new frontier and discovered ways to make it work for them instead of against them.

Those agents increased their business and their income.  By the time the crowd jumped on board and flooded the boat, they had already enjoyed the peaceful float down the river to prosperity and were poised for the next trip to a new destination.

Read the Inc. article again.  Now, may I share a secret with you?  I didn’t pay attention to the outcome for the crowd.  The article caught and held my imagination because I was silently cheering the intern who withstood peer pressure, didn’t sign, and KEPT THEIR INTERNSHIP.  I’m betting that person has gone on to far better things, higher income opportunities and a fulfilling career.  That person didn’t let the crowd choose their way, they chose their own way.

In my own way that’s what I did and why I believe it works.  Truth is, my resume would never impress a lot of corporate stuffed shirts, but I don’t mind at all.  I’ve made a good living and truly enjoyed what I spent my time doing, and especially what I am doing with my life right now.  Being a drone who walks the corporate line has never been my goal.

Is that your goal?

If you’ve chosen real estate as a career I doubt that is the motivational factor for you either!  You love the idea that you can apply the principle of individuality to your real estate business and succeed.

All it takes is one good bounce to get out of the crowd!

Now what do you say about that?

over the crowd


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