How a Sole Proprietor Real Estate Agent can take a break – and still make money!

Busy Real Estate Professional

Working along, the juggling never stops!

Being the sole proprietor of any business, but particularly in the real estate business forces you to continually switch hats with nary a rest in sight all the day and usually far into the night when you are first building your business and even more so later on when you have begun to build business and have a great many clients to service.


Just saying a sentence that long felt exactly like your days feel when you are trying to generate new leads, publish new blog articles, stay current on Twitter and Facebook, update your marketing, get fresh new advertising out there, show a house, sell a house, write a contract, review a contract, negotiate a contract, all while generating new leads…… WOW!

There it goes again!  Another outrageously busy day in the life of a busy real estate professional or small business owner thinking they simply must do it all themselves.

If you made it through those first two sentences, HOORAY FOR YOU!  That alone is proof you are an entrepreneur worth your salt and most likely to succeed.  BUT  YOU  DON’T  HAVE  TO  DO  IT  ALL  YOURSELF!  You also don’t need to go deeply into debt to fund a full time employee and all the additional costs beyond salary that THAT would entail.  A good entrepreneur recognizes that they will need help, right from the beginning, and they get it set up.  HOW?

+  By outsourcing smaller bits and pieces that aren’t CRITICAL for them to do themselves

+ By utilizing the FREE options available thanks to the internet and social media platforms

+ By setting up SYSTEMS to automate most of the daily leads generation and marketing activities

+ By actually WRITING a business plan

+ By FOLLOWING their business plan

+ By understanding their own GOALS both for business and personal life

+ By having those goals WRITTEN out and in front of them constantly

+ By NEVER LOSING SIGHT of why they are doing what they do

+ By PRIORITIZING tasks every day

+ By keeping FAMILY FIRST in prioritizing every day

There are resources available to help you do what you do, and do it better by not pulling you in every direction at once.  Take advantage of those resources.   Take a break regularly to reacquaint your spouse and/or your children with how much FUN it is to be together as a family.  And STILL MAKE MONEY because your business is growing and prospering even when you aren’t working 24/7.

If you are Real Estate professional you’ll find some great resources to help you increase your business growth HERE and HERE.  Some additional sources GhostbloggerMarie has favorited are Hubspot and Buffer, and don’t overlook Google+ as a leads generation source along with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the many other Social Media platforms for sharing, networking and building business connections.


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