One hour to a more productive Real Estate work week

Being busy with the actual tasks that bring in a paycheck are naturally the main focus of any good entrepreneur.  Make no mistake, if you are a real estate agent, you are a small business owner.  You do not work for your brokerage, though it can certainly feel that way sometimes!

The fact to keep in mind is that if you, personally, aren’t generating an income, you simply have no income! So what can you do to give yourself the best chance of generating a steady flow of leads that lead to a steady flow of cash?  Especially if you are a newer agent it may feel overwhelming trying to get started.

Even if you are a seasoned agent, it’s the busyness of business that may actually cause those slow or dry seasons in our cycle of business.

  That is particularly true when the activity that is currently generating money is at its peak.  That’s too bad, because the current activity will end and then where will the next cash generating activity come from?

Instead of relegating prospecting to a “do it all or do nothing” status, you might try adapting a simple daily task list and refuse to end your business day until these are completed.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.  Choose one task for each day of the week and write it on your calendar in INK.  For the specific time you’ve chosen to dedicate to each task, don’t end your work day until they are DONE!

  • Provide updates to all active clients about the week or the weekend activities
  • Build your business referral network; add a new referral partner, catch up with those you may not have spoken to in a while and most importantly, pass on referrals to those in your network
  • Touch base in a meaningful way with prospects in your leads funnel. Whether email, social media update, a text or a phone call – make sure they know you are thinking of them
  • Send handwritten notes to say happy birthday, wish someone well on a life adventure, thank someone or just say hello and pass on a tidbit of information they will find interesting
  • Reach out to past clients you keep up with via social media to congratulate them on life changes, encourage them in new endeavors and remind them you appreciate their referrals for new clients

By keeping prospecting and lead follow up activities in the rotation of daily activity, you should seldom find yourself struggling to build new relationships and generate leads for conversion from a scratch position.


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