Socializing Public Remarks

Those Public Remarks on the MLS print out

Those Public Remarks on the MLS print out

Think about the first or maybe the second thing an agent hands to a client when they are showing a home?  That MLS sheet.  A nice picture of the house they are standing in front of, a few boxes ticked off about what rooms the home has, what year it was built…the usual.

What’s usually the first thing the client wants to read on that page?

THE PUBLIC REMARKS.  Do you know why they want to read those remarks?  They are looking for and hoping for something they don’t know themselves, something beyond the usual, something that tells them WHY this is the right house, something that tells them what to do about the house they are looking at.  What do they usually find there?  Nothing interesting at all, nothing unusual, nothing to make it worth even reading.  Because MOST public remarks are boring!  Too many simply reiterate the information already given.  Or if an agent has a little spark of imagination they might be a fairly emotionally moving description of the home.  But they don’t STAND OUT.

EVERYTHING  you learned about property description writing is 100% WRONG!  Maybe it used to work at one time, but I don’t think it ever really worked well, and it certainly doesn’t now more than ever before because expectations have been disrupted by the social platforms we all flock to for our NEWS; our UPDATES; and every other kind of INFORMATION we may want.

Getting away from the herd mentality that has dominated the industry for so long is tough, but not impossible.    At first it may feel quite uncomfortable, being different, standing out from all the others.  They seem to be just fine, packed tightly into the sardine can of the *mundane* *routine* *standard* *same old same old* that *everyone* has always done just that same way and why tamper with it since it has a track record? Ask yourself one question: WHY DO I HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT?  Then find that answer.

The noise.

One answer is all the noise, the glut of information, the plethora of ads and sponsored posts you are competing with.  There has always been a lot of competition for attention but now?  On the internet? The noise is overwhelming and being heard is that much harder.  How to rise ABOVE all the existing noise?

Be LOUDER?  Nope, still just part of the cacophony.  But there is a way above the existing noise.


Promote property with descriptions that spark their imagination and take them on a journey just reading about this brick and mortar building.  They’ll want to see where the journey ends!  Then when they follow through and go to view it, and the agent hands them that standard MLS sheet, give them something to read that isn’t the least bit STANDARD!

In public remarks, DO  A  CALL TO  ACTION!  That’s what you really want – ACTION to be taken, so tell them what you want them to do, and tell them in a stylish way.

Something like this maybe:

This property is already being seen by hundreds of procrastinators – SNATCH IT RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER THEIR NOSES!

think like a content writer

HEADLINE:  The whole nine yards!

NARRATIVE:  You’ll *sigh* with relief every time you pull in the driveway…

CALL TO ACTION:  Claim your new home before competing offers can be submitted.

Where is the rule that your Public Remarks have to be ANOTHER description of property you already are describing in the addition of what is and isn’t part of this house?  Who says you can’t inspire the action you want taken with a completely different kind of Public Remark?  Why can’t you SURPRISE people?


What kind of reaction would you have if the MLS sheet handed to you actually GRABBED YOUR ATTENTION?  Would you maybe pay more attention to the home?  Actually want to buy it?  What do you think?

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