The Real Estate Brokers Infomercial

It’s what we all truly desire – to be relevant, important and “of value”.  To ourselves and to others. And we want the things we do to matter and be of benefit to others.  In the social environment with our eye on marketing our real estate business, how can we “tell our story” without breaking the first social rule:  Don’t talk all about yourself; get others to talk about themselves?

Adding a “BLOG” tab to our websites is the most productive, effective way to achieve the marketing goals in the social marketing circles.  Series of short, interesting articles that highlight our abilities and experience we bring to our clients in the real estate market.

In the Social Marketing arena, are BLOGS relevant?

SHOULD you be blogging?  If so, where to find the time?  Content is great, but GREAT CONTENT is even better.  Great content positions you as a leader in your field and points you up as the one others want to connect with for answers and data analysis.

There are a couple of things about the BLOG that are even more useful than the short, pithy tweet on Twitter or the FB status update. social media outlets

the BLOG is the great home base for all our Social Media platforms. 

We write one short article and with a single keystroke we send it out to ALL the landing places we’ve designated. It gives us an opportunity to speak eloquently to the largest audience of perspective clients and current clients in a friendly environment.

 Blogging is the #INFOMERCIAL of the Social Media world!

Instead of high priced, budget busting advertisements, blogs are an extremely cost effective method of getting the message out there of  all that YOUR BUSINESS has to offer to the largest audience. A well written, spell checked and grammatically correct BLOG that is interesting, informative and even inspirational may easily find itself going viral, bringing even greater attention!

An #infomercial is designed to:
Do that and the Social Media world just might “like” “fan” and “tweet” it!  The blog as part of our overall marketing campaign is the opportunity to tell our story, our way!  It lets potential clients see WHO WE ARE.  It can be and often is that all important FIRST IMPRESSION people get of  the Real Estate broker who just might sell their house for them, or help them buy a new home.

Blogging isn’t about providing dull facts and figures about the real estate industry.  Blogging is about the first impression you make online to those who could be our future clients.

BLOGGING?  It really is the #infomercial of the internet superhighway!  Are you blogging?  What do you love most about it?  What is the toughest part of blogging for you?

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