Should Real Estate Agents be Blogging for Business?

Content marketing, more commonly known as “blogging” can sit on the “TO DO” list like a heavy and dreaded burden as you struggle to find time to market your real estate business while you are juggling the many demands involved in generating leads, following up on leads all while keeping your current clients satisfied!

Up front disclosure:  I am a former Realtor who now writes real estate blogs as a social media marketing tool for those busy real estate professionals who realize the potential of inbound content marketing but haven’t time in their busy schedules to write those blogs themselves.

Whew!  With that out of the way – can we talk plainly about this “content marketing” concept?

I know it can be challenging to justify spending your hard earned dollars on an activity that is not easily tracked for Return on Investment.  That can be a downside of social media marketing, and one of the more difficult aspects of marketing your real estate business in general, in that some of the necessary activity doesn’t necessarily show a return right away or the results are far less obvious than we’d like them to be.

Here is the scoop on INBOUND MARKETING for the real estate professional ~

  1. Your website should be set up specifically to CAPTURE leads;  with CALLS TO ACTION that inspires visitors to trade that all important email address in return for genuine VALUE they need
  2. All other marketing from social media platforms including your blog to your business card must be actively feeding traffic (real people) to your website so your CALLS TO ACTION can do their job and fill your database with leads for you to follow up
  3. Follow up is a long term commitment consisting of personal contact via phone or face time, emailed information and social engagement leading to authentic relationship

Content marketing is so successful that providing content has become one of the fastest growing business sectors.  Despite minimal track-ability factors businesses large and small acknowledge the value to lead generation and employ content marketing in one or more forms as a major element of their overall marketing budget.  Check out what one of the largest Inbound Marketing companies has to say about business blogging.

The benefits of name recognition and position as industry leaders is why Trulia, Zillow and even the National Association of Realtors have blogs!  Because they work.

A lack of tangible evidence that a blog is producing actual real estate leads is one of the most challenging issues to overcome.  Is it by the number of comments each post receives?  How many “likes” they inspire?

Someone reads your blog and they really enjoy it!  They appreciate the information that’s been given to them, but they may not say so in the comment section.  They aren’t ready yet to sell their home or buy property.  However, your name is now imprinted in their thinking in connection to real estate.

They are also now twice as likely to read other blogs you post on social media.  But you may NEVER KNOW IT until the 5th or 9th or 15th time they come across your name (IF your name is constantly out there for them to come across) and NOW is finally the time they need what you are offering.

They may never leave a comment

They may never enter their email for one of your value offers

They may never leave a scrap of evidence they’ve ever visited your site

….until suddenly they need a real estate agent!


Blogging IS NOT engagement on social media platforms and it definitely isn’t a substitution for lead generating engagement and VALUE offers.

Blogging IS NOT a substitute for marketing efforts in other venues.

Blogging IS the population of your social media platforms to draw attention to your business.

It must be designed to:

1.  showcase your knowledge

2.  position you in the mind of consumers as the “go to” expert

3.  gain you name recognition

BLOGGING is just one of the ongoing marketing  methods your employ on social media platforms to INFORM and/or INSPIRE lead generation by showcasing your abilities, your brand and your local real estate business practice.

Still not sure if blogging is a worthwhile endeavor?  Perhaps reading what a few other experts in the field have to say will convince you of the value of business blogging in your real estate business.

Placester Real Estate Academy

Rainier Title

Scott McKelvey

and the blog pages of real estate giant RISMedia are just a few of the industry leaders that all encourage blogging for real estate business.


One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make with their blogging is writing posts designed more for other real estate industry professionals than for the general real estate buying and selling public.  Sure, they have the momentary satisfaction of seeing comments, sometimes lots of comments, on their blog posts.

But ask yourself this;  Are other real estate agents the leads you are seeking to generate?  Are they the leads that will lead you to increased sales?

BOTTOM LINE:  Blogging for business, like pricing homes to sell, is NOT a scientific formula.  It is a nuanced activity.  It is difficult to track exact results; but it does serve a purpose.

Blogging is NOT a substitute for engagement on social media platforms, but it certainly can enhance your ongoing marketing efforts.

Thank you so much to one of my favorite clients for asking the question that led to this post being written.  I appreciate the challenge to think through why I started writing blogs for real estate professionals like you, Dennis!

Get answers to questions you have about BLOGGING for your Real Estate business.   It would be great if you would share in the comments section ways your blog has increased your business.   Can you think of some pointers  overlooked or missed in this post?


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  1. Suzanne De Vita


    Thank you for mentioning our blog here. This is an excellent article that highlights the importance of blogging for real estate professionals. Well done!

    Wishing you continued success,

    Suzanne De Vita
    Online Associate Editor
    RISMedia, Publisher of Real Estate magazine


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