Overcoming A Major Gaffe




I was standing in line at the grocery store waiting my turn to plop my purchases on the conveyor belt, empty my wallet like a mugging victim and rush home to thaw something in the microwave so my kids would get fed that night.  The lady in front of me not only seemed to be taking an awfully long time,but she kept looking at me – staring at me actually.  I had no idea why, or who she was, so I smiled.  I nodded in a friendly, I don’t know you and I wish you’d move along fashion.  She paid the cashier and I thought I was home free.  Until she stopped, turned around and addressed me directly.

“You don’t know who I am, do you?”

“No, I’m sorry I don’t.” I admitted with a sheepish grin I was sure was engaging.  Her sour frowning face disturbed me, especially as she bit these next words out to me.

“You sold me my house 6 months ago!”  She was shaking her head as she walked away, ignoring my pitiful apologies.  Sheesh!!  Right then, I have to admit, I didn’t want ANYONE to know I was a Realtor! The cashiers look of pity didn’t help.  I’m sure my face was flaming as I dashed to my car hoping no one who had witnessed the debacle would ever recognize me, the shameful “forgot my own client!” real estate agent!

Maybe sharing some of the embarrassing mistakes I made when I first became a Realtor will help someone else?  So here they are:

One:  Not planning ahead.  Even GOOD excuses are no excuse. (as a suddenly single Mom of three, I had some very good excuses!)

Two:  Not treating business as business.  Investing in your business is an absolute necessity. (I needed to get over the “I can do it all myself” syndrome.  Do you?)


  1. Develop the career mindset.  Every morning, remind yourself you are not “in” the Real Estate business.  You ARE a Real Estate Business.
  2. Invest in your business.  Get the tools necessary to give your clients the BEST service.  Spending $2-$3000 a year to generate a salary over $100,000 is an excellent return on investment.  Hire out some tasks and let automated systems handle others.
  3. TECHNOLOGY.  To ignore it is to perish.  The largest age group of first time home buyers is the 26-35 year old,  They make up over 50% of home sales and they expect the latest technology be employed.  “Great service” doesn’t impress them.  Instant service does. You don’t have to be a “techie” to put technology to work in your business.
  4. NETWORKING.  Competition is fierce and over 90% of people have already searched online and found the home they want.  What they need is a professional who can make the deal happen – FAST.  Having your team of support industries at the ready that are as loyal to you as their Realtor as you are to them with referrals ensures delivering what clients demand.
  5. FOLLOW UP; with all the database systems available there is no excuse for these dismal NAR stats:  Fully 89% of those surveyed say they would use the same Realtor for future deals.  The percentage that actually DO?  A disturbingly low 11%.

Implement the game plan to enjoy great career success this year!

Speaking of embarrassing moments, will you dare to share yours?  Comment below and we’ll laugh together 🙂  Then email me @ info@ghostbloggermarie.com if you are interested in further information about those real estate business tools!


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