Gotta Follow Up; Gotta Be Different to Make an Impression

Our mailboxes are full, with hundreds of new emails constantly arriving

Our inboxes are full, with hundreds of new emails constantly arriving

Is too much of a good thing a good thing?

Yesterday I got 4 emails from Realtor friends – and sadly, they were all exactly the same.  Even had the same headline.  They were obviously “writing mill” material which held little interest for me, since I was sure no real data relevant to my local real estate area would be included.

On a high note that writing service has done a great job of getting their message out there and they clearly have a large client base.

Unfortunately though, they send the exact same material to everyone at exactly the same time. That makes their product very affordable but it also makes it very bland.

I agree that it wouldn’t be noticeable at all as long as the receivers aren’t on more than one data base.  Hardly a likely scenario since real estate is a highly competitive industry with many practitioners all clamoring for the attention of the much smaller real estate consumer pool.

The more likely scenario is they will receive the exact same newsletter or blog post several times from several sources.  That causes the open rate to decrease significantly and the impression meter (that’s the measuring stick for name recognition) to flatline.

That isn’t what you want when you’ve spent time and energy and hard-earned dollars trying to make a lasting impression on your intended audience is it?


There are a few ways around this dilemma and they are pretty simple.

  1. Write your own personalized posts or newsletters
  2. Localize, personalize and curate your purchased posts for a distinct style
  3. Hire a terrific ghostblogger to write localized, personalized, curated or stylized material for you

Let’s face facts, there are only so many subjects to populate your sites with, like first time home buyer tips, lender information or homeowner’s insurance information.  But that information can still carry the weight of authority and be interesting, informative and individual.

Mix those posts with local events, local restaurant reviews and school information and you’ve got a real estate site that attracts more than just those looking to buy or sell right now.

Every time they land on your site thanks to a well written post or restaurant review, that all important impression is made, increasing the likelihood of name recognition when they are ready to buy or sell.

To answer our original question – is too much of a good thing a good thing?  I’m going to say no, it isn’t necessarily always a good thing.  Too much of what could be a good thing, information, can be a bad thing when it turns potential clients off instead of exciting them about the possibilities of the services you provide.

What do you think?


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