Leads; a real estate agents #1 need. Here’s one way to increase them!

Leads are an agents #1 need…


Filling the funnel is most important; then follow up!

Filling the funnel is most important; then follow up!

When social media sites first began to gain popularity, everyone wanted a piece of the advertising action they supposed would naturally follow the billions of souls who rushed to publish their profiles and begin sharing and baring their souls for all the world to see.

The advertising proved a hard sell.

The social media crowd was made of the same folks who purchased fancy gadgets that allowed them to watch their favorite TV shows while skipping over the commercials entirely.  They were not about to let flashing banner ads and jumping side bars keep them from the task at hand – sharing THEIR lives and THEIR stories with their friends and families.

Polls were taken, surveys done and the results were astounding.  OVER 80% of people completely ignored the ads on all the social platforms.  As a result, many large advertisers cancelled their ads. (Remember the hubub over GM ads being pulled from Facebook?)  Some brave souls forged ahead though, and discovered a way to reach the social media generation.



Valuable, interesting, inspiring blog content on a subject of interest to the subjects advertisements were trying to reach would be read, shared and even ACTED ON; when decent offerings of value were made.

Native advertising became an excellent way for businesses to market their services and products.  By telling their stories, they found new readers and those readers were often willing to become new customers when they related to the personal stories of the brands.

Real Estate, an industry always reliant on relationship building, found a new home for it’s many practitioners to reach a wider audience.  Social Media Marketing quickly became a thriving business itself.  Blogging became the internet version of television “infomercials” and everyone knows infomercials sell, right?

Listen to what one agent, Teresa Boardman, had to say about blogging in a recent Inman Next article she was featured in:

“So far this year I have closed, or will soon close, seven transactions from business that came directly from blog readers. There are transactions in the pipeline, current listings and appointments on the calendar because of the blog.

I am on track to have at least 12 transactions this year just from people who read my blog. If I sold $1 million homes, that would translate into $12 million in sales just from blogging.”


There are plenty of stories like this from agents across the nation who have discovered how to reach this “uncommercial” generation.  They aren’t posting pictures of homes for sale on their blogs; those they put on Pinterest and internet search portals.  They are providing value to their local communities with the blogs they write, or have written for them by real estate ghostbloggers.  They show off their expertise and commitment to the communities they serve by telling their personal stories on social media.

According to industry leader HubSpot, businesses that blog see an 88% increase in the quality leads generated for follow up.

In this ever changing social media marketing climate, how are you adapting your marketing to reach a wider audience?  


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