Eye on the PRIZE

   Keeping your Eye on the PRIZE

I readily, happily and willingly admit that I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan from way back in childhood. (I’m not saying how far back!)  I am shamelessly playing off one of his most popular books.  But it got your attention, and that’s really what I was going for :o)

A big fish in a small pond is something to pay attention to.  That fish owns that pond or at least gets a lions share of attention.  And if he or she plays its cards right, all the other fish in the pond will willingly go to that fish for whatever they need.

A small fish in a big pond?  Not so much.  Too many great big voices crowding out the teeny tiny voice of the teeny tiny fish.

In Real Estate marketing, keeping your eye on the real prize, which is to dominate the local market place you live and work in, means taking your focus off competing in the big, global pond of Real Estate and fixing your focus firmly on attracting the attention of the locals buying and selling real estate. ( It just might also mean partnering with those syndicated sites that have stirred such controversy with some real estate professionals).

Some of the big questions a real estate agent, in planning their marketing campaigns for the year, need to ask and answer are:

  2. What does my website focus on?
  3. How about that Facebook page?  Is it all about the people I serve and the place they live?  Or is is all about “one fish”? (Same with your other Social Media sites)

These are tough questions, and I may not make any friends with this one, but if it helps just one real estate agent get it right and SUCCEED I will have done what I set out to do – HELP YOU!  So here’s the last question:

Is your online presence a vanity parade all about you?

If you’ve, without quite realizing it, already set things up as that certain type of fish, no worry!  Unlike a leopard that can’t change its spots – FISH CAN CORRECT THEIR ONLINE PRESENCE TO ATTRACT MORE LEADS!  And leads are what breeds success in the life of any Real Estate career, right?

Ask someone to look at your online presence objectively.  If it’s too much about YOU, it’s never too late to change your spots, or fins!

I sincerely hope you find this a useful and PROFITABLE wake up call!  All the best, your friendly GhostbloggerMarie  😉



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