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The deadline has passed to file this years taxes, but there are still issues on the table that concerns homeowners and Real estate brokers.  These include everything from the threat to mortgage interest deductions being done away with to mortgage interest premium changes.  The National Association of Realtors continues to work on behalf of the Industry on these complicated issues and your voice needs to be heard as well.  Get involved with your local boards and stay informed on the issues that affect your clients and your livelihood.

What particular issues are your clients concerned about?  WE  WANT  TO  KNOW !

Electronic SignatureHave you put the ease of “Electronic Signatures” to work in your business yet?  Has your brokerage contracted with a company to standardize this method of transaction?  Handing over the keys is still symbolic of completing a Real Estate transaction, but since the electronic signature act of 2000, people actually meeting around a table to close a deal is no longer the standard.  Buyers are purchasing and closing without ever even seeing a property in person, and more sellers are absent in body as well.  From eContracts to DotLoop and several other choices, software to sign a Real Estate deal from virtually anywhere has become the norm.  Whether you use electronic signatures to save trees or just for the convenience, this is the future of Real Estate.  Most of the glitches have been worked out and most clients agree it is the most convenient.  Like Social Media it allows you to interact and engage from the comfort of your computer screen… #nofacetoface

What’s been your experience with electronic signatures?  Love it or hate it?  WE  WANT  TO  KNOW !

OVER 95% of people search online for a house LONG before they ever talk to a Real Estate broker.  Everyone has been buzzing about the possibility of actually PURCHASING homes online as well, eBay style.  For now, that isn’t how people choose to buy.  Of those 95% looking online, when they are ready to purchase, more than 92% contact an agent to assist them with the purchase and walk them through the process.  What does this say to Real Estate Brokers?  BE FOUND ON LINE!   While I hear plenty of complaints, still, about sites like Zillow and Trulia, and a few Brokerages have cut off allowing their listings on these sites, these and are the most popular sites people are frequenting along with Craigslist to do their initial search for homes.  The BIG NEWS?  Instead of passively listing with a picture, name and number, how about MARKETING yourself?  Creatively putting yourself out there so people will not just find you but they will REMEMBER you!  Competition is tough – and the tough get creative.

What creative marketing stunts have you pulled and how successful were they?  WE  WANT  TO  KNOW !

By the way, have YOU #gonemobile yet?

Any special Real Estate news or views you’d like to share?  Comment at “…and what do YOU have to say about that?” Located below this post.

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