The Real Estate Search Portal Struggle

Marketing would be much more difficult without these "big three": FB, Twitter, LinkedIn

Marketing would be much more difficult without these “big three”: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn

Could you imagine Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn suddenly dropping off the internet horizon?  What would that do to Social Marketing?!? Even if there are a few individuals who don’t like them, the fact is, the three of them, along with other up and comers, are here to stay.

The same is true of the “big three” real estate search sites.  Like them, hate them, participate with them or attempt to ignore them, the fact is the majority of the real estate consuming public is more than happy to search their sites FIRST.

  • They search those sites before they ever find a small individual agent site
  • They trust those sites to bring them the information they want instantly
  • They deal with agents they find on those sites

There has been a lot of controversy among real estate agents over these “syndicated” sites, but there is no denying that have forever changed the way people search for real estate.

You can fight this new reality or you can find your perfect way to fit in and remain a vital, attractive and active part of the real estate industry.  The smart money is on fitting in and taking advantage of the opportunities offered, since more than 90% of people are searching by themselves on the internet before they ever speak to an agent.

Valuable engagement combined with a strong LOCAL internet presence becomes increasingly more necessary to grow your real estate business. Blogs continue to dominate as a means to tell your story and show consumers your expertise in the very arena they now find themselves in when buying and selling real estate. 

By providing immediate response to inquiries made through the search portals, employing pertinent, consistent follow up value and displaying your ability to analyze the existing data to enhance the consumer experience you’ll be applying the “best practices” in this market place.  Demonstrating your services will gain a greater market share, rather than simply jawing about excellent service provided.

Many are enjoying the benefits reaped from fitting in, owning zip codes in their service areas and finding new leads in their email inbox’s on a daily basis.

Are you participating with the big three real estate search portals and seeing any Return on Investment in your local area?  If you are not participating, what are your reasons for that?  Thanks for sharing your opinion and helping fellow agents make their decision, too!


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