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3 Steps to Planting a Field of Leads for a Real Estate Harvest

To be a real estate agent is to be a farmer. It takes patience and perseverance to be a farmer.  A great deal of what you do doesn’t appear to be productive, at first, until certain conditions are met.  Even then, the most you see are small, very delicate shoots that may or may not […]

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I readily, happily and willingly admit that I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan from way back in childhood. (I’m not saying how far back!)  I am shamelessly playing off one of his most popular books.  But it got your attention, and that’s really what I was going for :o) A big fish in a […]

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1 word description of SUCCESS? C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y

  NEVER AGAIN!   How many times have we said that?!?  Even though we’ve sworn we won’t, we do.  We continue to frequent the exact same fast food drive thru window over and over even though the food isn’t good for us, the service may not be the best and more than once we’ve been […]

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Realtor Resources; Real Help

My husband has a tool in his tool belt that he swears he can’t live without called the multi-tool.  It has as wide a variety of uses as a Swiss Knife without all the bulky attachments and in his field as a handyman it has become invaluable in saving him time and getting things done […]

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1 Very good reason all Real Estate Agents should be blogging

Real estate is all about RELATIONSHIPS.  Those one on one, getting to know all about you- relating to another human being on an intimate level,  kind of relationships.  How do you build personal relationships in a world that’s all about technology?  When everything is online how do you share enough in meaningful ways with online […]

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Ego Balance

EGO:  the very thing you absolutely NEED in order to drive you to success and the very thing that will trip you up and cause you to FAIL.  Balance makes the difference.  A balanced ego makes a WINNER. I certainly don’t always get this right, but once in a while I manage to turn a […]

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A Broad Narrow View

BROADEN YOUR VIEW BEFORE YOU NARROW YOUR THINKING. GhostbloggerMarie sees two distinct ways this sentence can be applied.  (There may be many more, I’m hoping you’ll share others!  Use comment section below) 1.  Narrow thinking may keep you from seeing the full picture of any particular subject matter. Perspective, yours, may in fact be limited. […]

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Ethics and the Real Estate Agent

One or possibly two of the misconceptions the public has about Real Estate Agents may actually be based on a little piece of truth, along the lines of  ‘one bad apple makes the whole barrel look rotten’ kind of thing.   Agents take heart – for the general public isn’t so easily fooled and most Agents give […]

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*@#^% & other words…

 Cussing, curse words, swear words – things like f**k, s**t, G**D**n and so on, you all know just what I’m talking about.  Are they appropriate in the workplace?  Are they appropriate for business use?  In my opinion words of that nature used routinely by someone simply make that person sound illiterate, uneducated and low class. […]

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Time for Realtors to think PAY RAISE?

It has always amazed me that Real Estate Agents essentially perform a great deal of work related activities for free.  As a consumer and home buyer I wondered “how did they afford it”?  After I became a licensed Agent in 1991 that question haunted me as I attempted to get my business off the ground while sustaining […]

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