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A Quick and Effective Way to Stay Top Of Mind with Potential Clients

When I opened an ice cream parlor in a popular tourist area that had none, simply hanging a sign out in the front of the building and an “OPEN” sign on the door brought me instant customers who wanted what I had to offer.  Hopscotch gained instant popularity. Wouldn’t it be lovely if selling real […]

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Join the Real Estate 11% Club

There have been greatly exaggerated reports that all Social Marketing is dead.  The problem isn’t the marketing and the solution isn’t giving up on marketing.  Social Business advertising to the general public doesn’t work like TV ads worked.  The audience just isn’t that captive and the medium isn’t new enough to fascinate in quite the […]

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WINNING the race for Real Estate Leads

Consumers are used to entering a keyword in a search engine and finding exactly what they want in very short order.  T. Z & R.com all provide this experience for the real estate consumer and most individual agents cannot possibly compete on that level.  Yet they continue to spend money and effort to do so. […]

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