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Did they buy real estate or a database?

I’m going totally off topic here, because my topic is and always has been real estate.  Marketing it, selling it, buying it, being in the business of…. But, in a way, this is about real estate.  Internet real estate; virtual real estate I guess you could say. I’m wondering about the continued viability of LinkedIn […]

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I saw two fascinating things this morning, and am not sure if they struck me because they so completely contradicted all the “best practices” I’ve ever seen taught about Social Media, or if they caught my attention so completely because I was awake at 3am. They were both linked from discussions on LinkedIn. Let me […]

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The Real Estate Search Portal Struggle

Could you imagine Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn suddenly dropping off the internet horizon?  What would that do to Social Marketing?!? Even if there are a few individuals who don’t like them, the fact is, the three of them, along with other up and comers, are here to stay. The same is true of the “big […]

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How a Sole Proprietor Real Estate Agent can take a break – and still make money!

Being the sole proprietor of any business, but particularly in the real estate business forces you to continually switch hats with nary a rest in sight all the day and usually far into the night when you are first building your business and even more so later on when you have begun to build business […]

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Assistance with Real Estate Social Media Marketing

THE NECESSARY SOCIAL GRACES Engaging with people via the internet is the name of the game in marketing and that goes for Real Estate marketing very specifically.  SEO rules for the website though not stepping on toes while dancing to the Social tunes is one of the graces you must master.  But just when you’ve […]

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Unleashing LinkedIn Power in Real Estate

One of the greatest things about a great salesperson is that its a natural part of their personality to always be selling.  Conversely,  one of the biggest mistakes a sales person makes is when they are always selling. In the context of todays blog, a second mistake is being too casual about their Linkedin Profile Summary. […]

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LIKE Real Estate Leads?

Three words stick out when planning marketing strategy with my Real Estate clients. DIGITAL  *  MOBILE  *  SOCIAL The nature of the real estate industry demands a constant stream of warm leads.  This has many agents pulling their hair out trying to not only be present on all of these platforms but to present the […]

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