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BE  BOLD  IN  YOUR  BRANDING  &  MARKETING. Real Estate Agents – BLOG.  If you don’t already have a blog, start a blog.  If you have a blog and you haven’t been updating that blog at the least on a weekly basis – START  NOW.    Write the blog yourself, hire someone to write a blog for […]

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Overcoming A Major Gaffe

This true story is my MOST EMBARRASSING REAL ESTATE MOMENT: I was standing in line at the grocery store waiting my turn to plop my purchases on the conveyor belt, empty my wallet like a mugging victim and rush home to thaw something in the microwave so my kids would get fed that night.  The […]

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Own Success NOW

  Several years ago I read a book titled  “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” The contents didn’t interest me very much, but that title has stuck with me.   I don’t know about you but events I experienced in 2013 have sharply reminded me that NOW is the only sure thing we can count on.  We […]

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