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Real Estate is independence. Owning it gives you a sense of freedom you just cannot replicate in a rental. It’s REAL:   true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent: existing or occurring as fact; actual rather than imaginary, ideal, being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary: genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation; authentic: absolute; complete; utter: ESTATE: a piece of landed property, especially one of large extent with an elaborate house on it: the legal position or status of an owner, considered with respect to property owned in land or other things condition or circumstances with references to worldly prosperity estimation, social status or rank. Being a Real Estate Sales […]

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Business Building Tip for Real Estate & other Sales Professionals

As a sales professional, have you ever found the “leads groups” of your local area, such as the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups, so stuffed by sales people that you couldn’t find a group to join? Or what about finding a group where you were the exclusive Real Estate professional, and then discovering […]

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3 Steps to Planting a Field of Leads for a Real Estate Harvest

To be a real estate agent is to be a farmer. It takes patience and perseverance to be a farmer.  A great deal of what you do doesn’t appear to be productive, at first, until certain conditions are met.  Even then, the most you see are small, very delicate shoots that may or may not […]

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