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Making your Real Estate sniffer, happier :)

You can focus on the things that annoy you.  You can focus on the things you have no control over. OR….. You can grab hold of what will accomplish what you really want in your business. Yep – it really is that simple, I promise. Zillow has really dug a deep toe hold in the […]

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The heat of competing in Real Estate games

The National Association of Realtors has been a stronghold in the business and pocketbooks of real estate practitioners for many years.  They’ve done some really good things.  They’ve even done some great things.  They’ve also taken some stands that, while on the surface seemed like they were in the best interest of real estate agents, […]

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Zillow and DotLoop; a Real Estate Mating Agents will accept?

DotLoop is a fantastic company that provides cloud based services to streamline the document signing process in real estate transactions.  They enjoy an excellent reputation among those who have used them. Zillow is an online real estate information company that has pricked the ire of many a real estate agent.  The online “zestimates” they provide to […]

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Buy & Sell Online with no Agent? That’s Crazy – isn’t it?!?!

Are you one of the thousands of Real Estate Agents who is closing deals (after all, it is a HOT spring season in most markets across the USA right now!) but you are wondering where tomorrow’s business is going to come from? Are you prospecting, but finding leads just a little less inclined to jump […]

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Three cheers for real estate Zestimates ~ and their inaccuracies!

Love them, hate them or feel ambivalent toward them – those real estate search portals have found a place to stay in the search engines of our house hunting friends. I say “YEA!” Here’s why:  historically, the Real Estate industry has been viewed with skepticism by the property buying and selling public.  Not quite on the […]

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The Real Estate Search Portal Struggle

Could you imagine Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn suddenly dropping off the internet horizon?  What would that do to Social Marketing?!? Even if there are a few individuals who don’t like them, the fact is, the three of them, along with other up and comers, are here to stay. The same is true of the “big […]

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Syndication: Real Estate on FIRE!

Looking for a FIRESTORM?  Look no further than the question: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com etc- should they be posting Real Estate Listings and then CHARGING the Listing Agent to advertise on THEIR OWN LISTING? Is the pricing they advertise helping or hurting the real estate consumer? It’s called syndication, and just about every agent has an […]

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