New Agents; Get a Competitive Edge to WIN LISTINGS

Hit the lottery? Not likely!

Hit the lottery? Not likely!

A large percentage of people hire the first real estate agent they come in contact with, but you definitely shouldn’t count on that to jump start your real estate career!

If you are a fairly new agent you will go up against some competition for Listings and you can expect that competition to be stiff!  Unless you recently won the lottery and don’t need those commission checks to hurry and start rolling in, you had better be ready to WIN THE LISTINGS!

Never wing it – as a new agent, preparation is your offense when competing against experienced and seasoned agents who have a history of NUMBERS to dazzle sellers with.

Make knowledge your power base!

  1. Know the history of the house; go over updates or changes made by the current sellers and talk about how that has changed the value of the home
  2. Know the neighborhood stats; be conversant on how that affects not only the sellers market value, but the marketing methods you will use.  Be sure you speak in a language the seller can understand and relate to.  If they are “old school” it doesn’t mean you can’t use all the new technology, just keep your explanations to language they’ll be comfortable with – no “tech speak”
  3. Focus the conversation; keep it centered on what you will do for them, how you will do it and WHY it’s a great plan to sell their home. Use positive language and words that project good outcomes.  NEVER talk about the competition negatively, in fact, don’t talk about anyone else at all except in reference as a “buyers agent”
  4. Let the seller talk about their house if you can sense they would like to tell you about it.  Let them tell you why it’s such a good buy and why a buyer would want to live there.  Ask them lots of questions.  Show you were interested and listening closely by summarizing all they’ve shared.  Then explain how you will use that in marketing descriptions of the home to help it sell
  5. Be specific about how you will follow up with them and how you will follow through on each step of the process; then DO JUST THAT

Building trust with each seller will be dependent on how you treat them in that moment, not statistics and numbers they usually won’t really understand anyway.

Should you go over a Listing Presentation at the first meeting?  Most would say yes, sign the paperwork on the first meeting.  Some prefer a second meeting after leaving something with the seller to look over on their own.

What do you think is the best next step?

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